Hood Outlaws and Legends PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Our biggest criticism of Hood: Outlaws & Legends in our review was how long it can take to get into a match. In our appraisal, we suggested that the prolonged matchmaking periods – which can run up to 10 minutes in our experience – could be down to a lack of players, but game director Andrew Willans has implied that’s not the case in a blog post.

“We’ve identified the issue that could cause long waiting times in the lobby even with the game’s high player counts,” he wrote. “It’s being worked on right now, with the fix available soon for all platforms.”

Considering we like the game overall and are eager to play more, this is very reassuring news. If it’s true that the community is larger than we first assumed and the matchmaking delays are down to a bug, then fixing it should really improve the flow of sessions, allowing you to spend more time playing and less time twiddling your thumbs.

The blog post also alludes to another criticism of the game we had: that Marianne and Robin are the most underpowered of the character classes currently. While early data shows that things are fairly even, it does look like some minor adjustments will need to be made in order to effectively balance the release. We’re confident it’ll get the tuning just right in the coming weeks.

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