Okay, it’s not really an eSport, but we liked the alliteration. Nevertheless, Sackboy: A Big Adventure has been added to the roster of PlayStation’s Competition Centre, with new bi-monthly challenges rewarding the world’s best players with cosmetics. Every two months until January 2022, developer Sumo Digital will be adding a new course to the PlayStation 5 version of its popular platformer.

You’ll be able to enter the contest either from the Knitted Knight Trials option in the main menu, or by using the Activity Card in the next-gen console’s user interface. Your best score will be submitted to the leaderboard, and just for participating you’ll earn yourself a cool 1,000 Collectabells. Meanwhile, there are costumes up for grabs for the best players.

The prizes aren’t available in all countries, so you may want to double-check if your region is supported through here. The competition is restricted to PS5 players only, so if you’ve got this game on PS4 and want to participate, you’re out of luck. It’s interesting how much Sony’s investing in competitive gaming, however – you may remember it recently acquired the EVO gaming tournament as well.

[source compete.playstation.com]