After confusing us all across one weekend, Capcom is back to do it all over again with the Resident Evil Village Castle demo. While last weekend's playable teaser allowed us to explore the surrounding village, this time around we'll have the chance to venture inside Castle Dimitrescu and explore its rooms and meet the inhabitants. Once again, you will have exactly 30 minutes to look around and basically do whatever you like before the demo pulls you out and makes you wait until the full game's release date of 7th May 2021. The demo can be played on both PlayStation 5 and PS4.

If you're based in the US, you can play the Resident Evil Village Castle demo at:

  • 5pm PDT on 24th April 2021 until 1am PDT on 25th April 2021
  • 8pm EDT on 24th April 2021 until 4am EDT on 25th April 2021

Or, if you're from the UK or Europe, the eight-hour window you're looking at is:

  • 6pm BST on 25th April 2021 until 2am BST on 26th April 2021
  • 7pm CEST on 25th April 2021 until 3am CEST on 26th April 2021

For more information, check out our Resident Evil Village: All Times You Can Play guide. Did you manage to catch last weekend's Resident Evil Village village demo, or did you miss out due to time constraints? Will you try again on Saturday or Sunday with the Castle demo instead? Let us know in the comments below.