PS Plus Subscribers

As Sony's PlayStation Plus service goes from strength to strength, so too does the number of users subscribed. 47.6 million is the latest statistic come the end of fiscal year 2020, which is an increase of 6.1 million compared to Q4 of fiscal year 2019. The service has gained 200,000 further memberships in the space of two months, since the last count of 47.4 million took place in early February.

Many subscribers have noted an improvement in the sort of PS5 and PS4 titles offered as part of PS Plus' monthly game giveaway, which may have helped bolster the numbers. That includes the likes of Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4 and Control: Ultimate Edition and Destruction AllStars on PS5. Then there's the PS Plus Collection, which grants PS5 owners access to a long list of excellent titles without any extra charges.

Have you recently joined the PS Plus service? Explain why it took you so long in the comments below.