PS Store PlayStation Store 1

Once upon a time, Sony announced plans to close the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita storefronts, and while it had already replaced the old web-based PS Store, it blocked it off for good. Now the company has reversed its decision to remove the storefronts from its legacy formats, and industrious fans have also found a way to access the old browser-based plaza.

You’ll need to use a Firefox plugin to do this, called Valkyrie PS Store. It goes without saying that, while the plugin seems safe enough, proceed carefully if you do decide to use it – we can confirm that it works at the moment, but obviously you’re installing it at your own risk. There’s a tutorial you can follow through here if you need a little extra help.

Many prefer the old web-based PS Store from both a usability perspective and due to the fact that it lists PS3 and PS Vita software, which the new version has removed. You can buy games using the aforementioned Firefox plugin, but we imagine this will get patched up quickly – it’s obviously not meant to be accessed anymore.

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