Of course Bungie found a way to mess up one of the most requested Destiny 2 features from its community. The looter shooter will soon be adding a transmog system, enabling Guardians to change the appearance of a piece of armour — you'll keep the perks and stats of the equipped piece but it'll look like whatever other item you choose. This system has been fairly common in MMOs for decades now and other titles have begun to adopt the feature, including Assassin's Creed Valhalla. The problem is that Bungie has made its own transmog system, dubbed Armor Synthesis, so needlessly convoluted that its hardcore community is already up in arms over the process.

In order to change the appearance of a single armour piece, players will first need to acquire three different currencies. Defeating enemies will drop Synthstrand, which is used to buy bounties. Completing those rewards Synthcord, which is then converted into Synthweave back at the Tower. You then use that final currency to turn an unlocked piece of armour into a Universal Armor Ornament which can then be applied to whatever you have equipped.

This sort of process is nothing new to Destiny 2 players, but it all feels so overly complicated for a feature that should have been a slam dunk for Bungie. However, the biggest kicker of the lot is how many Synthweaves you can earn. Guardians can gain 10 Synthweaves per season. Not daily, not weekly, and not monthly. This means that over a stretch of roughly three months, a single class can transmog 10 pieces of armour. Or you can buy them from the Eververse store for real money, because of course you can.

Twitter users have been crunching the numbers since this announcement, and if you wanted to transmog every piece of armour in the game, it would take you just under 34 years to have enough Synthweaves to do so. Or, if you wanted to take the Eververse route and buy templates, it would cost you anywhere in the region of $6,000 to $12,000 using this current system. And no, those aren't typos. Obviously nobody needs every single armour piece currently in the game, but it just goes to show how absurd these parameters currently are.

This is ridiculous, right? It's not just us, is it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[source bungie.net, via twitter.com]