Marvel's Avengers PS4 PlayStation 4

This week saw Sony purchase Evo the fighting game tournament and unexpectedly reveal its next-gen PSVR controllers, which we don’t think anyone expected really. We also got updates on a ton of indie games, as well as the announcement of Life Is Strange: True Colors. We’ve definitely earned a weekend of gaming after all that.

Sammy Barker, Editor

I'm playing, and thoroughly enjoying, the Marvel's Avengers campaign at the moment. The game gives me a bit of a headache at times, but despite all its flaws, I actually really like some of the story beats so far.

Robert Ramsey, Deputy Editor

I'm back on The Outer Worlds to play through its second expansion, Murder on Erianos. At first I was thinking of skipping this one, but I'm glad I didn't. The DLC's been a lot of fun so far, with some great role-playing moments punctuating the exploration of a diverse setting. The fact the game now runs at 60 frames-per-second on PS5 helps as well!

Stephen Tailby, Associate Editor

It's review duty for me this weekend as I play Josef Fares' new co-op adventure, It Takes Two. Obviously I can't comment on the game itself right now, but you should look forward to thoughts on it very soon, from both me and a mystery co-reviewer. All will be revealed in the coming days.

Liam Croft, Assistant Editor

I've fallen off Yakuza: Like a Dragon completely so it's time to move on to something else. Haven will be that game, which has proven to be fairly pleasant so far.

Brett Posner-Ferdman, Reviewer

A few weeks after finishing Resident Evil 3 Remake, it’s finally time to give Resident Evil 7 a shot. Both nervous and excited to give it a go, but I’m looking forward to seeing the series to back to its horror roots!

Henry Stockdale, Reviewer

My plan this weekend is to dive into Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales on my PS5. I've not long completed Marvel's pider-Man: Remastered, so it felt right to tackle this before moving onto the rest of my backlog. Might dip into some Overwatch with friends, too.

Jamie O'Neill, Reviewer

In the tradition of PS4 demos like P.T. and Resident Evil 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour, I'll download the Maiden Resident Evil Village visual demo on PS5, before watching PlayStation Japan's 'Play! Play! Play!' YouTube broadcast on Sunday.

What are you playing this weekend? Will you be working on a single player campaign, digging into some multiplayer, or taking a break? Let us know in the comments section below.