The PlayStation Blog loves detailing upcoming indie games, and the latest of these is Potion Party. Coming to PlayStation 4 next month, the game looks like a neat little management game where you run an alchemy shop, with the aim of growing the business into the epic potion emporium of your dreams.

Gameplay looks to be fairly simple — customers will pop in and ask for specific potions. Using the various materials at your disposal, you'll need to concoct the correct magical brew to earn that all-important coinage. Using the money you earn, you'll also have to upgrade various aspects of the shop, which will in turn allow you to make more potions and attract more customers. Capitalism, baby!

You can also play the game in local multiplayer, with co-op and competitive modes to enjoy. It looks rather charming, doesn't it? Hopefully it bottles a winning formula when it arrives on PS4 on 8th April. Will you be playing Potion Party? Grab those cauldrons in the comments section below.