GTA Online PS4 PlayStation 4 1

There’s nothing quite like GTA Online, with its ever-evolving multiplayer sandbox, but by the grace of the Epsilon Program, it sure takes its sweet time firing up. Originally, it was assumed this could be a handicap of the PlayStation 3 – and later PS4 – hardware, but even installing it on the PS5’s uber-fast SSD fails to yield any meaningful improvements. Is it a networking issue, then?

Apparently not. That’s according to PC player T0ST, anyway, who found all kinds of issues with the way the title loads its multiplayer component. While a lot of the smaller details fly right over our head, there’s a great Digital Foundry breakdown, which explains in finer details exactly what the release is doing, and why it takes an eternity.

The good news is that T0ST was able to edit the PC source code to reduce loading by up to 70 per cent, and he’s urging Rockstar to release a patch to fix the problems. While there’s obviously no guarantee the PlayStation versions function in exactly the same way, we’d like to see the developer at least explore the possibility of optimising the load times – especially for the planned PS5 port.

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