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Wild rumour: London Studio is following up its success on PlayStation VR exclusive Blood & Truth with a virtual reality adaptation of Horizon: Zero Dawn. That’s according to Twitter pundit Callum Hurley, who’s worked in-and-around the VR scene for several years, having previously held roles at Oculus among others.

The game, should it be in development, will likely be a brand new project set within the universe of the Guerrilla Games open worlder. Expanding further on the rumour, Hurley said that he’s unsure whether it will be for the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, but our money would be on the latter and a hypothetical second generation headset.

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In terms of PSVR development, London Studio has absolutely established itself as Sony’s most talented team; its frantic gangster outing was a high budget affair, with top-notch production values and a bevy of gimmicky gameplay sequences. Using Aloy’s bow-and-arrow with updated motion controllers would undoubtedly be entertaining, but the scale of Horizon’s world would also be a real showcase for a next-gen headset.

Watch this space, we guess.

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