Balan Wonderworld PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Oh dear. Balan Wonderworld can't catch a break, can it? The game, helmed by Sonic the Hedgehog co-creator Yuji Naka, is a colourful 3D platformer about donning different outfits to use various abilities, but it's been widely panned in early previews. A day one patch has promised to address some of the feedback from fans and critics, but it sounds like this patch will be more important than we thought.

Over the last couple of days, a YouTube video has brought to light a serious issue with the final boss fight in the game. During the stage, a series of white flashes crop up on-screen in quick succession, which could potentially lead to epileptic seizures. According to a report by GameInformer's Liana Ruppert — who also warned of Cyberpunk 2077's flashing imagery — the flashing lights are so severe that they're even triggering responses from people who don't have epilepsy. We won't be directly sharing the video here for obvious reasons, but we've seen the clip, and it's bad.

The good news is that the developer is aware of the situation. Following concerns that this flashing effect was intentional, it appears it's actually a visual glitch, and will be fixed in the aforementioned day one patch.

This will resolve the problem for most players. It doesn't help people that play the physical disc version offline, though, as they won't be able to download and install the patch. Hopefully Square Enix will address this problem fully in due course.

So, if you're planning on playing this game, make sure you have the latest update installed to avoid any potential issues.

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