PS5 Sales

According to data analysis firm Ampere (as per Games Industry), total PlayStation 5 sales could almost double by the end of March 2021. Right now, the current-gen console is around the 4 million mark (that's sold through to consumers, not retailers), but thanks to supply shortages and the various knock-on effects of the coronavirus pandemic, the PS5 has been unable to surpass the records set by its predecessor, the PS4 (although it is on par).

However, Sony's system is still outperforming the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, which are reportedly lagging just behind the numbers posted by Xbox One (2.9 million) within the same launch period. Microsoft is also having to deal with some severe supply constraints, of course, but the data suggests that the PS5 could be pulling away by some distance if not for the unprecedented circumstances that surround it.

It's been an undeniably strange start to the new console generation, but with the PS5 clearly in high demand, we don't think that Sony will be too worried about its current position. Once things get back to relative normality — hopefully sooner rather than later — it'll be interesting to see how sales take shape.