NBA 2K21 PS5 PlayStation 5 1

You may recall NBA 2K21 being the first title to officially announce a next-gen price tax. While other publishers like Sony have since followed suit, 2K Sports was the first publisher to mention the $69.99 price point, which is looking like it’s already established itself. And in the case of the basketball simulation, it hasn’t hurt the franchise at all, with shipments already in the region of 8.1 million units as of the end of December.

While 2K Sports is celebrating the success, it’s worth remembering that this did originally release at the traditional $59.99 price point on the PlayStation 4, before launching later on the PlayStation 5 at $69.99. In fact, it had already shipped five million units across last-gen consoles as of the end of September, so it’s added three million units to its tally since launching on next-gen systems. There was also no next-gen upgrade available here, unless you bought the more expensive Collector’s Edition.

And there have been discounts to the game over the Christmas period, both at retail and on the PlayStation Store. So while things may look rosy in this particular instance, we’d say the jury is still out on the new $69.99 price point for now. Let’s see how titles like Returnal, or even sequels such as Horizon Forbidden West, perform before we mark the move down as a success.