Also Known As
NBA 2K21 Next Generation
Number of Players
4 (10 Player Online)
Release Date

PlayStation 5

  • US 12th Nov 2020
  • EU 19th Nov 2020
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NBA 2K21 Guides

  • Guide All NBA 2K21 Locker Codes

    All known NBA 2K21 Locker Codes and rewards

    NBA 2K21 can help to boost your MyTeam by providing you with brand new Packs, Tokens, and VC. In this guide, we’ll be listing all NBA 2K21 Locker Codes and rewards, as well as showing you how to redeem NBA 2K21 Locker Codes. We’ll be keeping this page updated right throughout the year, so be sure to...

  • Guide NBA 2K21: Best Builds for MyPlayer and MyCareer

    How to build the best NBA 2K21 player on PS5 and PS4 in all positions

    What are the best NBA 2K21 builds for MyPlayer and MyCareer? A big part of the NBA 2K21 experience is building your own player for use in The Long Shadow campaign, MyCareer mode, and crucially the The City and the Neighborhood. While your personal player build will depend largely...

  • Guide NBA 2K21: How Many College Games Are There?

    Find out how long you'll be at school in NBA 2K21

    How many college games are there in NBA 2K21? After beginning your burgeoning basketball career as a member of the Newark Eagles, you’ll be to enrol at one of 10 college programs: Michigan State, UConn, Florida, Gonzaga, Syracuse, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, UCLA, Villanova University, and West Virginia...

  • Guide NBA 2K21: How to Earn VC

    Maximise your Virtual Currency income in NBA 2K21

    NBA 2K21’s lifeblood is VC (or Virtual Currency), an in-game currency which can be used to purchase upgrades for your MyPlayer, cosmetics such as clothing and shoes, and Player Packs in MyTeam. As it’s such an important part of the game, you’ll want to maximise your earnings potential as much...

NBA 2K21 News

  • News Tune Squad Joins NBA 2K21 to Celebrate Space Jam: A New Legacy

    Do you believe you can fly?

    Space Jam: A New Legacy may not be the slam dunk 90s kids had been hoping for, but you’ll be able to assemble your own version of the Tune Squad in NBA 2K21 as part of new season, Out of This World. New packs in MyTeam will give you the opportunity to pull special LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Damian Lillard, and Klay...

  • News NBA 2K21 Goes Full Throttle with MyTeam Season 7

    Pedal to the metal

    As the NBA season stretches towards its conclusion in real-life – let’s go, Knicks! – NBA 2K21 is getting gassed with its Season 7 update in MyTeam: Full Throttle. As has been the case all year long, there are 40 tiers of rewards to complete here, culminating in a Dark Matter Vince Carter. You’ll be able to kick things off...

  • News Those Paul George PS5 Sneakers Are Coming to NBA 2K21 As Well As Real Life

    PG 5 PlayStation 5 colorway available IRL and in-game

    Earlier this week, we caught wind of a new collaboration between PlayStation, Nike, and NBA baller Paul George. A brand new set of basketball shoes will be available to purchase soon, inspired by the design of Sony's PS5 console. They look pretty neat, with a similar colour scheme to the curvy...

  • News Sony Strengthens eSports Drive by Making PS5 Official Console of NBA 2K League

    Slam dunk

    While it’s gone under the radar in communities like Push Square, Sony is making a strong push into the eSports sector. The company’s YouTube channel is filled with daily livestreams, Gran Turismo Sport has become one of the most successful competitive games in the industry, and the organisation recently acquired the EVO fighting game...

  • News It's the Age of Heroes in NBA 2K21's New Season

    Superhero slamdunks

    NBA 2K21 has laced up a new pair of Dunks for its fifth season of MyTeam content: Age of Heroes. As is always the case for the basketball game, you can look forward to an all-new ladder of content to unlock, as well as brand new challenges and rewards. The biggest addition are the new Hero-themed cards: you’ll start out with a...

  • News NBA 2K21's PS5 Price Hike Hasn't Hurt the Series' Sales

    But the jury's still out

    You may recall NBA 2K21 being the first title to officially announce a next-gen price tax. While other publishers like Sony have since followed suit, 2K Sports was the first publisher to mention the $69.99 price point, which is looking like it’s already established itself. And in the case of the basketball simulation, it...

  • News NBA 2K21 Makes Kevin Durant-Esque Comeback with Season 4, The Return

    Brooklyn boys

    Kevin Durant’s comeback from his Achilles injury may be the big story of the NBA so far this season, but for us New York Knicks fans it’s all about Taj Gibson. Unsurprisingly, however, NBA 2K21 has opted to make KD the face of its latest MyTeam season, which all starts with a Free Agency card inspired by the Brooklyn Nets small...

  • Soapbox Help! I Spent Money on Ultimate Team, and I'm Afraid I'll Do It Again

    Player power

    Confession: I play a lot of sports games, and I like Ultimate Team. There, I said it. Whether it’s building a roster of sluggers in MLB The Show 20’s devilishly addictive Diamond Dynasty or developing a dream team in NBA 2K21’s massive MyTeam, the card collecting modes remind me of my childhood, when I spent most of my time on the...

  • News NBA 2K21 on PS5 Needs a Minimum 150GB of That Precious SSD

    According to the back of the box

    One of the biggest problems PlayStation 5 faces is an internal SSD with a limited amount of storage space. Sure, it allows for super fast loading, but it won't take long to fill up the 667GB you have access to. If you plan on playing PS5 games like NBA 2K21, for instance, you won't get too far. One such fan has...

  • News NBA 2K21 Steps Out of the Neighborhood and into the City

    Massively multiplayer hoopin'

    Looks like the closest thing you’re going to get to PlayStation Home on the PlayStation 5 is, well, NBA 2K21. For those of you who don’t follow the basketball franchise, its MyPlayer career mode effectively allows you to take your avatar online and shoot hoops with the game’s community. In previous PlayStation 4...

About The Game

NBA 2K21 is the latest title in the world-renowned, best-selling NBA 2K series, delivering an industry-leading sports video game experience on PlayStation 4.

With extensive improvements upon its best-in-class graphics and gameplay, competitive and community online features, and deep, varied game modes, NBA 2K21 offers one-of-a-kind immersion into all facets of NBA basketball and culture - where Everything is Game.