Fall Guys has been through its game show beginnings, a medieval season two, and season three's wintry wonderland. Where will the popular battle royale platformer go next? In case you didn't read the second half of the headline, here it is: Fall Guys Season 4 is themed around the future.

Social channels for the game recently teased the theme for the upcoming season. In the above clip, the future in Fall Guys has some strong 80s retro vibes. Presumably, the next season will add just as much new stuff β€” new levels, costumes, playlists, and features.

There's no official word on all that just yet, but Season 4 isn't too far away. Season 3 concludes in about five days' time, so we should get plenty more information very soon. Are you looking forward to a futuristic Season 4? Tumble into the comments section below.