We can hardly contain our excitement, it's time for another season of Destiny 2. Another round of content that hardly looks any different from the last couple of offerings. Except for this time, the Cabal is back. Again? Let's stop being debbie downers and focus on what Season of the Chosen has to offer as it begins next week on 9th February 2021. The trailer above seems like the perfect place to begin.

Bungie highlights new Cabal forces to pit your Fireteam against, a new Strike, another exotic Bow named Draw Some Fire, and some classic Strikes from the Cosmodrome location that are making a comeback. There'll also be the usual season pass to rank up and earn rewards from. To be perfectly honest, we haven't been playing Destiny 2 for a long time now so we're at the stage where not all of it makes a lot of sense to us. Season of the Chosen looks like more Destiny 2, which will probably both satisfy and frustrate its hardcore fanbase. We'll catch up when YouTubers post their thoughts further down the line.

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