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While it’s easy to joke about pupils using the latest global lockdowns to binge on Fortnite, the reality is that kids are missing out on key education due to the ongoing pandemic. This puts extra pressure on parents, who not only have to ensure that their children are able to learn from home, but also have to provide them with the equipment they need to effectively study from their bedroom.

Many households may have access to a computer and broadband, but with the entire family working from home, there may not be enough screens to go around. One nifty workaround that some UK schools are suggesting is the PlayStation 4, which can be used as a makeshift computer. Many portals and services like Microsoft Teams are supported by the built-in web browser, meaning the console can be a lifesaver during these difficult times.

Obviously it’s not an ideal environment to work from – especially with the temptation of Minecraft just a few clicks away – but in reality this is a really smart workaround for kids who may not have access to their own computer or laptop. It’s worth mentioning, if you don’t have a PS4 or Xbox One, then you could also try a smart television or even a device like a Raspberry Pi.