PS5 Console

If it's not GAME selling through its allocated stock of PlayStation 5 consoles in mere minutes, it's Currys. The technology-based retailer had "limited PS5 stock" to offer as per a message on its website this morning, and it was all gone in a flash. This saw the company trend on Twitter alongside yesterday's #PS5StockUK hashtag, where customers aired their annoyance with their placement in the online queue.

It appears the queue was set up at roughly 8am, but just minutes later it had already stretched to close to 10,000 people long. As the day progress through to 9am, more than 200,000 users were waiting more than an hour to get their chance of buying a PS5. It took just 46 minutes for Currys' allotment to sell through.

Twitter user @Pixel_Ruin said: "not much better on site. I was one of the first ones in, i got it in my basket and it flat out refused to take me to the check out, keeps saying error please reload". @StevenDMitchell then added: "Server had internal 500. Ya know massive load, and not prepared for it. Who would of thought demand was high." Meanwhile, @LaraRixon just wanted to buy a fridge!

It's impossible to say as of right now if any scalper groups got their hands on a number of the PS5 consoles Currys had to offer, but we shall be sure to update this article should any claims come to fruition. Were you in the queue to buy a system at Currys? Share your story in the comments below.