Man, Fall Guys gets some amazing crossovers, doesn't it? It's not even been around for a year, and it's already had the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog, Untitled Goose Game, Portal, Half-Life, and Godzilla feature with unlockable costumes. Those are some pretty high profile franchises for a daft little indie game — what could possibly be next?

Well, you've read the headline — it's DOOM. Yep.

Coming to the game on 12th January are a series of DOOM outfits, allowing you to dress your jelly bean up as a devilish demon or the Doom Guy himself. There's no word on whether there will be any other DOOM-related goodies; we just have this teaser to go on right now. Still, we'll know the full extent of the crossover in a few days.

Will you be ripping and tearing in Fall Guys on 12th January? Trip and fail in the comments section below.