Anno Mutationem PS5 PS4

One day we'll get the spelling of ANNO: Mutationem correct on our first go. Hopefully in time for the PlayStation 5 version at least, now confirmed to be a thing by developer Thinking Stars. It'll arrive alongside the last-gen editions in the third quarter of 2021, which represents a delay for the team using Sony's China Hero Project scheme to its full advantage. Lightning Games, publisher of ANNO: Mutationem, posted the news to its Twitter account, stating an upgrade to the overall experience as the reason why.

"This is a very difficult decision, as we all love the game and cannot wait to get our players’ hands on it, but we don’t want to release the game until we feel it’s ready, we plan to upgrade the overall experience of the game, which means that a large amount of game content must be re-planned and polished. At the same time we will continue to optimize for next-gen."

Had you been looking forward to playing ANNO: Mutationem sooner rather than later? Put that excitement on hold in the comments below.

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