What happens when you don't bring back your classic franchises and leave fans wanting? An indie dev swoops in and does it for you, of course. Team6 Game Studios is clearly tired of waiting for SEGA to pull itself together and bring Crazy Taxi back, as it's making its very own arcadey cab-driving game named Taxi Chaos.

As you can tell from the above teaser trailer, it's a game all about picking up passengers in a colourful, cartoon city, and taking them to their destination as fast as you can to earn big bucks. You'll drift, jump, and bash your way to a big pay day with arcadey handling. Different taxis with unique attributes will unlock as you progress through the game, too. It sounds, well, like Crazy Taxi — but that's okay with us. If this can capture a similar sense of fun and lunacy, we should be in for a good time.

Taxi Chaos will release on PlayStation 4 on 23rd February 2021, both digitally and physically. What do you make of this? Are you excited to jump into the driver's seat and make some crazy money? Take the wheel in the comments section below.