DualSense PS5 PlayStation 5

If you’ve used a DualSense already, then try going back to the DualShock 4 for a few minutes. Sony’s last-gen controller used to be good, but it feels wrong in this post-PlayStation 5 world. There’s a general lack of feedback throughout the entire pad; the rumble is archaic and the triggers feel soft and flimsy without any resistance. Frankly, it’s rubbish.

Even Xbox bigwig Phil Spencer is kinda into the pad. The ever-talkative executive told The Verge that he “applauds” what the Japanese giant did with the controller, and that “we should learn from each other and the innovation that we all push on”. The suit then went off on a tangent, talking about how all platform holders should be striving to introduce the next big thing in gaming.

Sony’s actually been extremely forward-thinking these past few years, spear-heading the virtual reality movement and now introducing this controller, which allows you to feel things you previously couldn’t. We’re excited to see how the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers pair with a potential new PlayStation VR headset, because that could be a marriage made in immersion heaven.

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