Arrowheads Next Game

Arrowhead Studios, the developer behind Helldivers and Magicka, has confirmed it is working on an all-new project for next-generation consoles. Assumedly coming to PlayStation 5, this is a third-person co-op shooter. It will feature "next-gen graphics, innovative co-op, and agency for the community to alter the course of the game". The team's trademark brand of humour will also return for this new AAA title.

Johan Pilestedt, game director and CEO, said: "We are incredibly excited to create a new, next-gen, co-op experience for our fans and community. We are looking for talented developers to join us on this journey and are looking forward to sharing more details about the project at a later date." It sounds like the game is very early in development, given the fact that Arrowhead Studios is still in the recruitment process. However, the piece of concept art above is our first glimpse of the mysterious project. Are you excited to see it? Let us know in the comments below.