It's the week of Christmas, and that means certain games will be getting in the holiday spirit. Fall Guys is one of those, of course. Season 3 has a winter theme running through it, meaning you can enjoy some festive fun as you battle for crowns. However, there's a little more to it than that.

Fall Guys fans can now enjoy a short but rather sweet video, embedded above. Billed as a holiday special, it's a live-action skit that sees one of the jelly bean men celebrating Christmas with the family, and getting into trouble along the way. It's a cute way to unveil a free in-game outfit.

Yes, between 21st and 25th December, you'll be able to claim a freebie Santa costume for use in the game. A pretty nice present, we're sure you'll agree.

Will you be falling back into Fall Guys dressed as Father Christmas? Hop down the chimney into the comments section below.