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Of all the things we expected to see on social media following the initial release of Cyberpunk 2077’s reviews, Days Gone trending on Twitter is not one of them. Alas, the apocalyptic Sony Bend open worlder is the subject of much discussion today, as some fans take issue with how harshly the title was treated in comparison to CD Projekt RED’s futuristic RPG.

The conversation revolves around various permutations of a common theme: Deacon St John’s debut was initially panned for its technical shortcomings, whereas Cyberpunk 2077 currently commands a Metacritic rating of 91 – despite reviewers experiencing some pretty severe bugs and glitches throughout the course of their playthroughs.

So, what gives?

Well, no game is reviewed in a bubble, and while you reserve the right to disagree, it may just be that reviewers think Cyberpunk 2077 is a better overall game than Days Gone. Others may have found the bugs in Sony Bend’s game more disruptive than in CD Projekt RED’s. And you’ve got to remember, it’s often different reviewers critiquing different games, even if they do write for the same publication.

There is a discussion to be had here, but we’re cautious of it following a darker path, as we know sometimes reviewers can be attacked for sharing an opinion. That said, do you think Days Gone was judged harshly, and is Cyberpunk 2077 getting a free pass? What’s your stance on the discussions unfolding on social media about all this?