While Demon's Souls is a very faithful remake of the 2009 classic on PlayStation 5, Bluepoint Games has added a little something of their own. A new door was quickly discovered behind an illusory wall, with the promise of at least an item for your troubles. And after days of trial and error, the hardcore Souls community has finally worked out how to open it.

Twitch streamer Distortion2 managed it live on air after collecting 30 Sparkly Ceramic Coins and trading them with Sparkly the Crow. You receive a key as a reward, which opens the elusive door and grants you the new Penetrator armour set. This set of items is one the community has speculated about for a while now, wondering whether it even exists. Now it does! A lot of luck and trickery is needed to actually get the Sparkly Ceramic Coins, however, involving changing the World Tendency and hoping you get the correct drop off Fat Official enemies.

Are you going to try and get the Penetrator armour set in Demon's Souls? Begin the quest for those Sparkly Ceramic Coins in the comments below.

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