PS5 Coil Whine Noise 1

As we stated in our PS5 review, the PlayStation 5 is a quiet console. We were hesitant to use the world “silent” because, like most consumer electronics, there’s still an element of operational noise that is audible if you really listen for it. Outside of spinning discs, we’ve noticed some ambient volume from our system when in demanding games like Demon’s Souls, but you basically need to mute all of your audio equipment and press your head against the system to hear it.

Of course, there are some units that are demonstrating a bit more volume. Reports on Reddit and ResetEra are complaining of a coil whine sound, which adds a buzzing to the whir of the fan when powered up. There’s a video below which demonstrates the issue, although it’s worth keeping in mind that the camera’s microphone is pretty much pressed up against the system itself to maximise the sound:

Personally, we’ve just tested our console in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales one more time, and we stick with our original assessment: it's barely audible unless we mute everything and crane our neck down towards it. Your mileage may, however, vary. The good news is that coil whine can sometimes resolve itself, and even if it doesn’t, this kind of sound is far removed from the pronounced puffing that the PS4 Pro would do under pressure.

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