A fresh batch of PS5 stock was promised in-store at GameStop this Black Friday, and a couple of PlayStation fans were so desperate to get their hands on the next-gen console, they brought their beds and slept outside their local store for 24 hours. ABC reporter Eugene Daniel stumbled upon the desperate gamers, who revealed they’d skipped Thanksgiving dinner in order to wait in line.

Apparently, this wasn’t uncommon in the United States this week, as queues formed outside GameStop all over the country, with the promise of new PS5 consoles luring fans away from family and an oven-roasted turkey. You’ve got to respect the dedication – although after going to this much trouble, we sincerely hope no one went home empty handed.

Fortunately for this sleepy pair in Norfolk, they got their next-gen console in the end. Above, they’re pictured hugging their brand new PS5s after camping outside for 24 hours. Time for an all-night session on Demon’s Souls, we reckon.

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