Out Today: PS5, Sony's Biggest and Most Powerful Console

After a truly unique year, PlayStation 5 is available right now and shipping to homes across select territories. Everyone else will be able to join in the fun a week later on 19th November 2020. And it still feels surreal to even say that. With an ongoing global pandemic, months of uncertainty and silence from the Japanese giant, and lockdowns across the world, there were times where we thought it was never going to happen. Not in 2020, at least. But the day we've all been waiting for has finally arrived so let's get that feel-good factor back and look forward to another generation of gaming.

If you have picked up a PS5 today, make sure to check out all of the content we've been uploading for the past week as well as what we have to come. That ranges from reviews all the way through to comprehensive, spoiler-free guides. It's a lot, we assure you. Below, everything Push Square has to offer will be listed.

PS5 Reviews/Impressions

PS4 Reviews (Free PS5 Upgrade Included)

PS5 Hardware/Game Guides

What PS5 game will you be playing first? What UI features are you looking forward to customising? Celebrate the start of the PS5 generation in the comments below.