Watch Dogs Legion PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Like the vast majority of Ubisoft games, Watch Dogs: Legion will have a premium in-game store where you’ll be able to exchange real money for additional content. Writing on the game’s official website, the French publisher has outlined how this will all work, introducing a currency called WD Credit, which can be used to buy a collectibles map, operatives, and more.

“Cosmetic and operative purchases in the premium store are paid for by using WD Credits, which can be bought with real life money at an exchange rate of around 100 WD Credits for $1 US dollar, or your regional equivalent,” the organisation explained. “Available WD Credits bundles offer discounts and will reduce the price per credit.”

It added: “Purchased operatives feature unique personalities, outfits, masks, and cosmetics to amp up your flair. Their gameplay abilities, traits, and weapons can be found on other Londoners around the city, and they do not offer any gameplay advantages compared with operatives recruited in the game.” Very clear there.

You’ll also be able to buy stipends of the title’s in-game currency known as ETO, which can be used to purchase new clothes and other items for your cast of characters. Fortunately, this can be earned as you play. “You can earn ETO by completing side missions, through repeatable activities like Bare Knuckle Fights or Kick-Up, and by finding ETO skimmers or safes.”

So it all sounds fairly optional and unobtrusive; we also appreciate that Ubisoft is being upfront about all this. Remember, it’s got a pretty sizeable post-release plan pegged for this title, including a gigantic online update in early December. And then there’s a Season Pass which will see the series’ fiction collide with Assassin’s Creed, so lots to look forward to.