We can't say we ever thought we would write a headline including the names Aiden Pearce and Stormzy, but it's 2020 and quite literally anything can happen. Yes, the UK superstar and the iconic protagonist we all know and love named Aiden Pearce will both feature in Watch Dogs Legion when it hits PlayStation 4 at the end of next month. One of those descriptions was definitely a joke, by the way.

The video above details how Stormzy will feature in Ubisoft's recreation of London, complete with a performance of his latest single on London Bridge. There will also be a mission all about him in the game named Fall on My Enemies. The sequence then shows off even more gameplay before landing on the real reason you clicked on this article — Aiden Pearce is back! Him and that iconic hat will be added to Watch Dogs Legion via a post-launch update for season pass owners along with a new story arc. Apparently we asked for this!

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