Do you Remote Play on your PC, phone, or tablet? You may be excited to learn that Sony has updated its software this week, adding support for the PlayStation 5. While you’ll actually, y’know, need the console to take advantage of the feature – well, it’s quite exciting seeing the system listed as an option in whichever client you use.

Streaming is still restricted to 1080p, but there is an option to enable HDR on the PC client – assuming you have a compatible television or monitor connected to your computer. For those of you who don’t know, Remote Play effectively allows you to stream gameplay from your console to another device, allowing you to – as the name suggests – play your games remotely.

Remote Play PS5 PlayStation 5 2
Image: Reddit

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there’ll be support for the PS Vita, so don’t expect to be streaming Demon’s Souls to your tried and trusted handheld. Are you a regular user of Remote Play? Are you happy to see these updates roll out well ahead of release? Connect to your next-gen console in the comments section below.

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