Sony PS5 PlayStation 5 1

A round of Japanese media and influencers were invited to a special PlayStation 5 hands-on event recently, where they finally had the opportunity to play Sony’s next-gen console. Brand new gameplay footage of Astro’s Playroom, Godfall, and others was uploaded to the web – but it didn’t scratch the itch of many, who were hoping to see a glimpse of the system’s user interface.

Unfortunately, a preview published by Dengeki Online reveals that the platform holder kept that feature under wraps, as it didn’t allow attendees to play around in the device’s menus. It also blocked the Create button from being used, so we don’t know what features that will bring to the table either. Just 38 days to go, folks.

From previous patents and interviews, we know that the PS5 will likely include an Alexa-style support system, while its uber-fast SSD will allow you to jump to specific parts of a game – rather than wait for its main menu to load. Furthermore, it sounds like this will be a much more social console than past PlayStations – let’s hope more is revealed soon.