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Image: Toumari / ResetEra

Update: The product listing for Share Factory Studio has now emerged on Twitter, including some more information on what we can expect from the PlayStation 5 video editing app. The blurb mentions that you'll be able to create video in 4K with HDR, and also sorts of post-processing effects. It also suggests you'll be able to customise screenshots to "create your own unique memes". And a new data transfer protocol will allow you to import "videos, images, music, and sound effects from a USB storage device".

Original Story: Video editing application SHAREfactory is seemingly getting a successor on the PlayStation 5, if a free product listing spotted on the new browser-based PlayStation Store is to be believed. ResetEra user Toumari shared an image of the software’s product listing, but there’s no further information outside of that.

It was rumoured as far back as a year ago that the popular tool would be making a comeback, although it had been assumed that the functionality would be bundled in with the new Create button. Sony’s yet to go into too much detail about what features the fresh input will bring, although we’re assuming all will be revealed imminently as we sprint closer to launch.

For those of you who don’t know, SHAREfactory effectively operated like a rudimentary video editing suite, allowing you to cut together video clips and even record voice over and add transitions. You could then share your content to websites like YouTube, enabling you to create fairly professional videos without needing to use a computer.