As a dumb military movie with Milla Jovovich and reasonably rendered kaiju, Monster Hunter may not be the end of the world, y’know? We’re certainly not saying it’s going to be a good movie – far from it – but it looks like a relatively entertaining popcorn romp in this new trailer, and it’s got Tony Jaa in it.

Franchise fans, however, may be bemused by this trailer, as it shows a squad of oorah-roaring soldiers sucked into a different dimension inhabited by creatures loosely based on the ones from Capcom’s action RPGs. There are references to the games, but this is clearly a major diversion from the source material – even more so than the Resident Evil film franchise.

It’s due out in cinemas later this year, anyway, assuming they remain open amid the coronavirus pandemic. Paul W.S. Anderson of the aforementioned Resident Evil fame is once again in the director’s chair, so expect plenty of intense set-piece stunts and not much in the way of character development. Could be a decent braindead distraction from the realities of the real-world, right?