Update #3: And just like that, we have the full set of PS5 accessories spotted at retail. The final missing piece of the puzzle was the PS5 Media Remote, and here it is, courtesy of Reddit:

Now we wait to see the actual console at retailer warehouses around the world.

Update #2: We've almost got the full set now, with the DualSense Charging Station also appearing at a store and shared on Reddit:

Has anyone seen a PS5 Media Remote yet? That appears to be the last piece of the puzzle, aside from the console itself!

Update #1: In addition to the DualSense controller, now stock of the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset and PS5 HD Camera are beginning to appear in warehouses. This photo was shared on Reddit, revealing the packaging for both items:

Launch is nearing, folks!

DualSense PS5 PlayStation 5 Controller

Original Story: Here's something: we're now less than a month away from the launch of PlayStation 5. The next-gen console is just a few weeks away, and Sony has no doubt been gearing up for an incredibly busy season at retail. Before we know it, we'll all be getting acquainted with the PS5 and its new controller, the DualSense. Interestingly, it seems some shops are receiving stock of the fancy new controllers well in advance.

Spotted by Twitter user @Destruct___, DualSenses are cropping up in Walmart stores, kept inside locked cabinets:

This has been followed up with reports of other Walmarts having stock. While you almost certainly won't be able to walk into your local Walmart and buy one right now, it's at least good to know major retailers are receiving stock of accessories in good time. It also just makes things a little more real, doesn't it?

Are you pumped to get your hands on a DualSense controller? Does your nearest Walmart have them in stock? Report back in the comments section below.

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