Concrete Genie PS4 PlayStation 4 1

PixelOpus is one of PlayStation’s more creative first-party teams, with the studio’s relatively recent Concrete Genie being a particular standout on the PlayStation 4. And it looks like it’s gearing up for a new next-gen project, with creative director Dominic Robilliard revealing on LinkedIn that the developer is expanding. “We’re currently looking for two engineers to join us on our new and exciting PlayStation 5 adventure,” he said.

The roles include a Senior Game Engine Programmer and a Gameplay Programmer, although there are no hints to what the studio is working on in the listings. Both jobs mention that candidates will have the opportunity to “work with next-gen hardware”, but stop short of teasing any specific details. It’s almost impossible to predict what the team could be making next, as this is a small developer that's given a lot of leeway to do what it wants.