Spider-Man PS5 Peter Parker Face

It wouldn't be a normal day in the PlayStation Nation without some controversy, would it? The latest incident to have people slinging insults on social media stems from the Marvel's Spider-Man PS5 remaster. If you haven't already heard, Peter Parker has a new face model, and by new face model, we mean that he looks like a totally different person.

Needless to say, Peter's new mug has split opinion. Some people think it's an improvement, while others are questioning why it needed to be changed in the first place. The whole thing's actually blown up to a point where Brian Intihar, creative director at developer Insomniac Games, has felt the need to release a statement on the matter.

At this point, Insomniac's stance on Spidey's overhaul is clear, as Intihar reiterates what the studio already said on the PlayStation Blog. The bottom line is that the old model is outdated — the developer needed a better fit for future facial capture, and so it decided to recast Peter Parker, starting with the upcoming PS5 remaster. Peter's now modelled on actor Ben Jordan.

Spidey's voice actor, the prolific Yuri Lowenthal, added to the conversation on Twitter:

So yeah, that's that. Which face do you like better? We're currently running a poll right here on the site, so get over there and vote if you haven't already.

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