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Sony will fly PlayStation 5 hardware to the United States in order to meet demand this holiday, it seems. The story comes courtesy of Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad, who revealed on Twitter that the company has booked flights from October to ship next-gen systems to retailers. This is obviously a faster method of haulage than traditional sea transportation, but comes at a cost.

The information comes courtesy of Delta Air Cargo boss Jerry Tai, with the Japanese giant booking Delta 747s to fulfil the all-important task. Ahmad admits that he’s not sure whether the manufacturer has commissioned 60 flights or 60 aircraft, but adds that it “does sound like each flight will be full”. He added that the air shipments are unlikely to “cover all shipments”, meaning more units could be sent by sea.

So, what does this mean in the grand scheme of things? Well, it’s not something we need to concern ourselves with. There’s a small possibility that the haulage costs could have an impact on the overall PS5 price, but we imagine Sony’s more concerned with ensuring enough units are available during a global pandemic. Ultimately this is good news – it means we’re getting close to launch now.