With the release of Super Mario 3D All-Stars looming large, we suppose a scrappy PlayStation 2 port of Super Mario 64 isn’t all that interesting in isolation. Except, from a pure curiosity perspective, it is. The gameplay footage embedded below is riddled with texture bugs that make the title almost unplayable, but the homemade port has already been cleaned up and is running much better now.

While this alone is weird and wonderful, the PS Vita version is genuinely impressive. The game’s running in widescreen at 60 frames-per-second on Sony’s ill-fated handheld system, which is better than it performs as part of Nintendo’s own aforementioned Switch compilation. Check out the impressive direct-feed gameplay footage below.

Super Mario 64 is now becoming the modern day DOOM, where it gets ported to practically every device with a processer and a screen. We reckon it’ll be a while before we see the Nintendo 64 classic running on a pregnancy test kit, though!

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