The Pathless is an indie open world that’s taking inspiration from some of the genre’s biggest names. Clearly there’s more than a hint of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild here, but the PlayStation 5 sandbox also shares similarities with Ghost of Tsushima – navigation, for example, feels much more organic than in other comparable games.

In fact, there’s no map or fast travel here – just an emphasis on exploration. One feature we really like is the traversal, which relies on you shooting floating orbs in order to charge a boost meter. Chain these together and you’ll be able to move at intense speeds – and once your eagle gets in on the action, you can even hurtle through the air as well.

Check out the new gameplay embedded above for a deeper explanation, and let us know your thoughts on the title in the comments section below. It’s targeting a release later this year, so could yet be a launch title for Sony’s next-gen system.