Red Dead Online Broken Update

At the time of writing, Red Dead Online is a disaster. Following the release of the game's latest update, the virtual world has become a nightmarish hellscape -- and not in a fun way, like in Undead Nightmare. Players are reporting all kinds of frustrating and frankly insane issues -- and that's only if they can actually log in without the game cutting their connection.

Some say that the open world is suddenly barren -- NPCs, animals, and other players don't even spawn. Others are posting clips of horses catching fire, and various other creatures simply falling from the sky. But not all of the newly introduced bugs are quite so comical. Some players can't even shoot their guns, while others are finding themselves trapped in scenery. All in all, it's a complete mess.

Rockstar's yet to comment on any of this, but hopefully it's able to do something sooner rather than later -- especially since the Red Dead Online community's patience was already wearing thin prior to this latest update.