If you're fully up to date on the current online chatter, you'd probably think that Sony itself is the main villain of Marvel's Avengers. It has, after all, put Spider-Man under the PlayStation-themed lock and key and given users of its consoles more reasons than ever to stick with the Japanese giant. But no, there is an actual in-game enemy to pit your team of superheroes against. It goes by the name of A.I.M., a corporation that picked up the pieces after the Avengers team fell apart. You can learn even more about them in the trailer above.

The footage covers references to the comic books and what A.I.M. has to offer to the world. It serves as a good recap of the story as we draw closer to the game's release on 4th September 2020. Don't forget, however, that you can gain four days of early access play if you pick up the Deluxe Edition. You could have saved the Earth before some players even have the chance to start the campaign.

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