Ghost of Tsushima Metacritic User Score

We bloody love Ghost of Tsushima here at Push Square, but the open world adventure didn't resonate so well with everyone. The game sits at a very respectable but not quite mind-blowing 83 Metascore on Metacritic, but much like fellow PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone, Ghost has gone down brilliantly with its wider audience.

The game currently has a 9.3 user score on Metacritic -- a score that even the most universally praised blockbusters would struggle to obtain. Based on some data crunching by Forbes, Ghost of Tsushima is actually one of the highest rated titles of the entire console generation -- and the only games that come close are ones that don't have anywhere near as many user reviews.

Indeed, Ghost has a whopping 15,192 user ratings, so the fact that it's managed to maintain such a high score is pretty much unheard of. The game has clearly struck a chord with players, and the user score reflects this.

Now of course, user scores aren't everything. Games get unfairly torn apart by Metacritic users all the time, but that perhaps makes Ghost's score even more impressive. Again, it's exceedingly rare for a release of this magnitude to have over 10,000 user ratings, and to be sitting pretty at a 9.3 -- that's pretty much universal praise.

Do you agree with Ghost of Tsushima's user score? Why do you think it's so high? Give Jin a pat on the back in the comments section below.

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