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  • News Yachts Finally Have a Purpose in GTA Online Update

    Yachts spree

    GTA Online’s luxury yachts have generally been considered a Dock Tease by fans, ever since they were introduced several years ago. The cruiseliners certainly look the part, but at around $6 million apiece, they proved to be primarily vanity items for the elite. A new update due out on 11th August, however, will add brand new co-op...

  • News Sony Wants to Conquer the Anime World Next

    And PlayStation is part of its plan

    Sony has slowly shifted from consumer electronics to entertainment over the past decade, and it’s aiming to add anime as its fourth major pillar, alongside music, movies, and, of course, games. The Japanese giant already has a sizeable anime department, with subsidiary Aniplex overseeing the Demon Slayer series...

  • News Sony Plasters Champions League with PS5 Promos

    The champions

    Update: As expected, this week's Champions League ties were absolutely plastered with PlayStation 5 promotions. Here's a screenshot from Chelsea's match against Bayern Munich, courtesy of BT Sport: The empty stadiums due to coronavirus may be desperately depressing, but at least that PS5 promo is looking tasty, eh? Original Story:...

  • News Gran Turismo Partners with Getty for Virtual E-Sports Photography

    Captured on camera

    As Gran Turismo continues its plunge into e-sports, developer Polyphony Digital has partnered with global photography provider Getty Images to bring virtual snaps to the service. Effectively, specialist motorsport photographers will be able to capture key moments from within Gran Turismo Sport – and, presumably, Gran Turismo 7...

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