Ghost Of Tsushima Ps4.original

Is there anyone out there who hasn't developed a grudge for the archers in Ghost of Tsushima? Those buggers can be a real pain in the arse during combat, especially when there's more than one of them. This scribe always makes sure to target them first in a fight, but the Twitter user in the clip below didn't have the chance to do that. In fact, they didn't even see what appears to be an army of them coming.

Posted by @BelAirDrip, Jin can be seen getting absolutely destroyed in mid-air by a team of bow-wielding opponents who are utterly relentless in their mission to take the samurai down. It leads to Ghost of Tsushima's protagonist staying in the air for a whole five seconds as they little his health down to nought. What makes this clip even crazier is that you can see the player using up their resolve in the bottom-left corner in order to heal themselves, and it's this which allows the assault to go on as long as it does.

Pretty crazy, right? Have you encountered a moment such as this in Ghost of Tsushima which even comes close? Let us know in the comments below.