PS5 Price Pre-Orders 1

Insanely enthusiastic PlayStation 5 fans drove themselves nuts waiting for a PS5 price and PS5 release date yesterday which never came. Social media sites like Twitter and communities on Reddit were abuzz with speculation after Amazon Australia uploaded some product listings, which many took as an indication of an imminent announcement.

The furore was escalated when a supposed “insider” named Robert Serrano mentioned that Sony would casually drop key PS5 pre-order information on 13th July. His cryptic clue got picked up by a handful of PlayStation websites, creating something of a frenzy among fans. We investigated the story yesterday, and couldn’t find any basis for the reports.

In reality, we’re not expecting the Japanese giant to date and price its next-gen console until at least after Microsoft’s event later in the month. While chatter of a game of “chicken” taking place between the two industry giants seems a little overblown, there are definitely strategic advantages that Sony can capitalise on by waiting. All will be revealed in due time, but like Take That, you’ll need patience.