Ghost of Tsushima Stats

PlayStation has shared a bunch of impressive-sounding Ghost of Tsushima statistics. The open world game's been out for a couple of weeks now, and it's fair to say that players have been busy. The key takeaways? People really like the Standoff mechanic. They also really like taking photos. Can't exactly blame them, can you?

Here's a quick list of the shared stats, presumably taking into account everyone who's played the game with their PS4 connected to the internet:

  • 156.4 million Standoffs initiated
  • 57.5 million Duels initiated
  • 139.4 million enemies have collapsed in fear
  • 810.3 years have been spent on horseback
  • 16.2 million Hot Springs visited
  • 14.2 million Haikus composed
  • 28.1 million flute songs have been played
  • 8.8 million foxes have been petted
  • 17.1 million Bamboo Strikes completed
  • 37.5 million Inari Shrines honoured
  • 15.5 million photos taken

Pretty crazy, eh? We'd also love to know how many perfect parries have been pulled off, and how many times players have forced their beloved horse to jump off a cliff because they were too impatient to go around. Do you find stats like these interesting? Let us know how you play Ghost of Tsushima in the comments section below.