Party Animals is a wonky, physics-based multiplayer brawler, and those are nearly always a good laugh. Developed by Recreate Games, the title pits plushies against each other in four-player bouts, not unlike the popular Gang Beasts. Having said that, a point of difference is a co-op twist, in which some levels will feature some common objectives in addition to some cuddly fisticuffs. We've embedded a trailer above to give you an idea.

It's been in the works for PC, but following a very successful Steam demo -- which was so popular the servers couldn't handle the number of players -- the studio is now working on a PlayStation 4 version. There's no firm release date as yet, but the aim is to release Party Animals later on in 2020.

What do you think of this one? Equip your nearest cuddly toy for battle in the comments section below.