PlayStation is no stranger to management sims. Back on PS1, we were playing the likes of Theme Park and Theme Hospital, and Two Point Hospital is proof the genre still works a treat on consoles. Planet Coaster is the latest tycoon game heading to Sony's systems, with the Console Edition riding onto both PS5 and PS4 this holiday.

A brand new trailer has just been released, and it gives us our first look at what to expect from this version of the game. This highly acclaimed title is a modern take on the likes of Rollercoaster Tycoon. You're tasked with building an amusement park from scratch, and that means constructing rides, opening restaurants, and hiring staff to keep everything ticking along. Then you just sit back and watch the numbers rise -- unless something goes wrong.

Frontier Developments has also released a few screenshots from the console edition, showing how you'll navigate the game with a DualShock 4 or DualSense controller:

As we said, Planet Coaster: Console Edition is out at the end of this year. Will you be playing on PS5 or PS4? You must be this tall to enter the comments section below.